Reflecting the strengths of the Hawk

The Hawk is an efficient, intelligent bird of elegant bearing. Likewise, we take pride in delivering our services in Asia and across the globe efficiently, according to the world’s best practices and with a gracefulness that reflects our Asian roots.

Mirroring the vision and the sensitivity of this splendid raptor, we are sensitive to our market and clients’ needs. As a result, our business has grown steadily.

HAWK Commitment

Whatever the need. Whatever it takes.

We are in the car rental business for more than a decade. And we have built a reputation on going that extra mile for our clients. This philosophy means we have always looked for ways to be of service in the world of transportation.

While making sure we continue developing our core business and taking utmost care of our car rental clients, we have constantly strive to provide more – such as the extension of our services to include fleet management.

We are also developing other areas and doing what it takes to become a total transport solutions provider.